Belize Private Island: 12 Slices Of Paradise You Can Visit (2024)

Want to live your Caribbean dream finally? If you’re taking a trip to this tropical paradise, why not go the extra mile and rent a private island to yourself and your loved ones? Enjoy your most special vacation when you consider these Belize private island recommendations.

Why Visit Belize 

Belize is a Caribbean gem located off the coast of Central America. Warm all year round, the island boasts many beautiful reasons why you should visit it at least (or more than) once in your life:

  • It’s gifted with great beaches and equally great people (the majority of which are of Spanish and Mayan descent)
  • It has the second-largest barrier reef in the world, making it a hot destination for snorkeling and diving
  • Its caves and lush jungles are a thrilling place for hiking
  • It has the most Maya archeological sites
  • Its cuisine is an interesting mix of various cultures (e.g., Maya, Mestizo, Creole, and Garifuna)
  • It offers unparalleled beauty minus the touristy crowd
  • Apart from the top-rated resorts on the mainland, you’ve got plenty of Belize private island resort options to choose from

12 Best Belize Private Islands You Can Rent

There’s a Belize private island for everyone. We’ve narrowed down your choices to 12 to make your Caribbean holiday planning easier.

#1 Cayo Espanto

Cayo Espanto is a 4-acre island located three miles off San Pedro, a coastal city in the southern part of Ambergris Caye. It has world-class villas and an over-the-water bungalow — complete with a butler service to provide you with a luxurious holiday experience. 

Must Do:

You can book a private yacht tour and enjoy the salty breeze of the island. You can also tailor your own adventure: Go scuba diving and fishing or take a tour of mainland Belize.

#2 Turneffe Island Resort

Book your stay at a Belize private island all-inclusive resort like Turneffe Island Resort for the ultimate holiday. You can stay in any of their tastefully decorated guestrooms or have the time of your life in your private villa.

Must Do:

Go fishing or diving at the heart of the Caribbean — the wildly popular Great Blue Hole is just half an hour away from this resort. On the island, they also have a jungle trail if you wish to get closer to nature by foot. 

#3 Royal Belize

Royal Belize is a distinct destination sitting on 7.5 acres of private land that can only accommodate up 10 people (it offers exclusive service to one guest party at a time). A complimentary boat ride from the coast of central Belize is already included in the cost of your stay.

Must Do:

Apart from swimming or having underwater adventures, you can take a stroll on its long boardwalk that leads to a private gazebo set in the mangroves.

#4 Ranguana Caye

Looking for an affordable Belize private island rental? Ranguana Caye is one of the best places to consider. It’s a 2-acre island near Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize that houses three charming cabanas. 

Must Do:

Go snorkeling at the Belize Barrier Reef, chill by the beach with a beverage in one hand (they offer unlimited drinks), or watch out for that annual sea turtle hatchings.

#5 The Enclave

The high-end Enclave lies off the coast of Placencia and also occupies 2 acres of land, but with more accommodations (it can cater up to 28 guests). Staying there means you’ll have your private chef and maid service.

Must Do:

This is one of those private island resorts that can accommodate large groups, so be sure to take advantage of their tours and excursions. Their nearness to Placencia means you can easily access this area’s leisure scene. 

#6 Little Harvest Caye

Have your own little paradise when you choose the 1.5-acre Little Harvest Caye for your Caribbean getaway. It offers beautiful panoramic views of azure waters and alluring Mayan mountains. You also have a boat and a driver available whenever you want to visit the nearby Placencia Village. 

Must Do:

Make the most of the surrounding Caribbean waters and hit the beach to swim or kayak. If you’re a fur parent, know that the resort is pet-friendly — so you can stroll around the property with your fur babies.

#7 Tobacco Caye

Found at the northern end of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, Tobacco Caye attracts many diving and snorkeling enthusiasts because it already sits atop the Belize Barrier Reef. Its colorful over-the-water cabins and laidback atmosphere are popular among young adventure-seekers.

Must Do:

Tobacco Caye offers exciting diving packages to explore Belize’s beautiful marine life. You can also get on a kayak or paddleboard if you want to enjoy the surface of the resort’s surrounding azure waters. 

#8 Gladden Private Island 

Gladden Private Island is a one-acre slice of paradise that offers a luxurious and highly private Caribbean experience — it can only accommodate up to 4 people, after all. Its away-from-the-eyes location (behind the Gladden Spit promontory) can make your vacation even more intimate.

Must Do:

In what is touted as the most private island resort in the world, you can avail of an all-inclusive package that masterfully blends fun-filled and relaxing activities. Paddle around, snorkel, or dive by day, or sip a cocktail and watch dolphins as the sun sinks in the horizon.

#9 Coco Plum

Coco Plum offers 18 cabanas that are carefully built along the shore of the property’s 16-acre land. It’s a romantic tropical sanctuary for couples who want to enjoy a unique retreat — complete with arranged adventure tours and delectable Belizean dishes.

Must Do:

Coco Plum offers a weekly tour that combines the fun and excitement that snorkeling, cave-tubing, and zip-lining.

#10 Bird Island Belize

Flying off to the Caribbean? If you want to stay in a cool and chic lodging, Bird Island offers a unique experience. The island is in the middle of a coral atoll, situated six miles from the Belizian mainland. It can only accommodate up to six guests for a minimum of four nights. 

Must Do:

Besides fishing activities, Bird Island’s excursions include manatee watching, cave tubing, and Mayan ruins exploration. You can also lazily spend your day on overwater swings and the island’s outdoor bar.

#11 Kanu Private Island

One of the newer private island resorts in Belize, Kanu is home to five gorgeous villas that can cater to up to 14 people in total. The unique coral island offers several beach areas and a clean freshwater pool. 

Must Do:

If you want to go beyond just swimming, Kanu has the gear you can use for kayaking and paddle-boarding. You can explore the area with the help of your own private boat captain.

#12 Ray Caye

Another stunning Belize private island resort in southern Belize, Ray Caye is located on the border of the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. It offers a mile of pristine shoreline exclusive to only up to 50 guests.

Must Do:

Go on a snorkel tour of the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, located at the heart of the Belize Barrier Reef and is known for having whale sharks. The cost of your stay in this secluded resort also includes kayaking gear, paddle boarding, and Hobie Cat sailing.

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