10 Best Restaurants in the Caribbean

Prepare for your next Caribbean vacation by learning about the best restaurants in the Caribbean that offer delicious ethnic foods, great service, and an enjoyable dining experience. 

When planning your next Caribbean vacation, you will need to decide on the location and attractions that you wish to visit. Most tourists will be prepared with reservations to a hotel or overwater bungalow and may even have a travel brochure of local attractions. But few tourists plan their meals ahead. 

Instead of hitting the first diner you see after you get off the plane or following the crowd to the nearest beachside restaurant, you can stay ahead of the game by knowing the top-rated restaurants in the Caribbean.

Since there’s a variety of delicious Caribbean foods that you will probably want to sample while on your vacation and dozens of decent restaurants throughout the Caribbean, this list is by no means complete. However, we’ve narrowed it down to ten of the best restaurants in the Caribbean based on the quality of food and service.

Graycliff- Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the most visited locales in the Caribbean, and the Graycliff is a Bohemian restaurant that you won’t want to pass up. If you are looking for a meal that you will continue to rave about on the flight home, then you’ve got to visit the world-class Graycliff restaurant. 

Family-owned and operated, the Graycliff offers a variety of ethnic dishes, including Italian, Creole, and Bohemian foods. The restaurant provides some of the best customer service you’ll find in the Caribbean, and the dining experience is complete with cocktails and cigars. This will be a meal that you will never forget!

The Tides – Barbados

If you are looking for a warm, homey atmosphere for dining out during your vacation to Barbados, then you should look no further than the Tides restaurant. The restaurant is located inside a gorgeous post-World War II home, complete with mahogany furnishings and a classic coral stone exterior.

The Tides is one of the most popular restaurants in Barbados. In addition to hosting any sized event, the restaurant offers friendly service and mouthwatering culinary dishes. 

The Straw Hat – Anguilla

This casually furnished bayside diner has been thoroughly enjoyed by visitors to Anguilla since 1996. If you are looking for a laid-back dining experience with a breathtaking view and menu options that are appealing to your entire family, then check out the Straw Hat!

 They use only the finest ingredients, including freshly caught seafood and produce harvested by local farmers. The Straw Hat received recognition as being amongst the 50 best restaurants in the world. Guests have the option of dining on the large terrace or being served right to their beach chair! The service is consistent, and the atmosphere is relaxing whether you are enjoying a beachside lunch or the ambiance of a candlelit dinner. It’s no surprise that the Straw Hat is loved by both locals and tourists.

Dunes Paradise Island – Bahamas

If you want to sample the best Caribbean foods on your next vacation to the Bahamas, another top-rated local restaurant is the Dunes. This beachfront restaurant provides breathtaking ocean views, a laid-back atmosphere, and cocktails served throughout the day.

They offer uniquely flavored French and Asian cuisine, so the Dunes is a great choice if you want to try something new or just stop in for an afternoon cocktail after a long, hot day at the beach.

Flying Fish Gastrobar in Grand – Bahamas

Grand Bahamas visitors should add the Flying Fish Gastrobar to their list of places to visit. The signature dishes created by Chef Tibbitts have made this locale an ideal tourist destination for the food alone. In addition to the impressive selection of wines, the restaurant offers many delicious lunch specials, including appetizers, seafood, wings, burgers, and plates to share. 

While quality food is highly valued, the restaurant also strives to provide a comfortable dining atmosphere and cultivate a sense of community. The Flying Fish Gastrobar believes in hospitality rather than service, which shows the restaurant has high standards when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Parallel 23 – Turks and Caicos

 If you want to treat your special someone to a lavish, romantic dinner in an elegant atmosphere, then you should book a reservation at Parallel 23 on your next vacation to Turks and Caicos. The restaurant offers a state-of-the-art display kitchen complete with a wood-burning oven for guests to enjoy watching food preparation. 

However, there are outdoor dining areas that are available for large, catered get-togethers or an intimate dining experience. The extravagant French doors, impressive wine selection, and gourmet dishes will make this an extra special dinner that your sweetheart will never forget.

The Old Stone Farmhouse – St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

This restaurant is located in a two-hundred-year-old renovated plantation house that provides a warm, country atmosphere in addition to the classic dishes created by Chef Werles and the best wines that you could possibly find in St. Thomas.  

Happiness is the chef’s goal at the Old Stone Farmhouse, and his award-winning seasonal French-inspired dishes are sure to please your tastebuds. The West Indian architecture increases the ambiance of the restaurant and makes it the ideal place to enjoy an intimate meal. The featured dishes include juicy steaks, mouthwatering seafood, innovative desserts, and vegetarian options. 

Ocean 82 – St. Martin

If you are looking for the best seafood restaurant in St. Martin, Ocean 82 is the place that you’ve been searching for. This restaurant was built out of pure love for seafood and the ocean, and the cuisine is inspired by only the best seafood cooking and preparing methods from across the globe.

 Ocean 82 thrives on their passion for seafood and their dedication to introducing the best-tasting unique seafood dishes to those who have not yet discovered the entire seafood palette. They use locally caught fish and seasonal vegetables to create mesmerizing flavors that will awaken your tastebuds into a love for seafood. If you are in St. Martin, you better stop by Ocean 82 because you won’t find the same seafood dining experience anywhere else. 

Rhodes at Calabash – Grenada

The Rhodes at Calabash is said to be the only remaining Caribbean restaurant in Grenada as of now. The simplicity and elegance of the Rhodes at Calabash coupled with its excellent service make it the ideal dining experience for visitors of Grenada. You will be filled with tranquility as you feel the saltwater breeze against your skin and dine at this seaside restaurant located alongside the posh Calabash hotel. 

The Rhodes at Calabash features “culinary delights”, such as handmade pasta, slow-cooked ribs, and fresh seafood. While reservations are required, they are willing to host large parties and private beachside dinners. 

The Jellyfish – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

 The Jellyfish is a relaxing place to dine that’s in a secluded locale and only accessible by traveling down a dirt road. But the trip is totally worth it as they offer some of the best seafood that you can possibly find in the Caribbean. The restaurant may be located on a secluded beach, but it’s not far from the airport, so it’s the perfect place to relax, eat, and unwind after a long flight. The white sand beach and swaying palm trees add to the laid-back, relaxing atmosphere of the Jellyfish restaurant. 

  While the cuisine is inspired by places throughout the world to create the most unique and flavorful dishes, the Jellyfish proudly highlights Caribbean dishes. This family-owned and operated restaurant has been a hidden gem since 2003 until word got around, and the Jellyfish became a popular place to dine for locals and tourists alike. If you are looking for a dining experience that’s unique, vibrant, and breathtaking, head on down that bumpy, dirt road and enjoy the delicious fresh-caught seafood at the Jellyfish Restaurant. 

As previously stated, there are many more excellent restaurants throughout the Caribbean, and it’s challenging to narrow down the best ones, but as far as cuisine, hospitality, and ambiance, these are ten of the best restaurants that you could possibly dine at on your next Caribbean location. 

Since there are so many ideal vacation destinations throughout the Caribbean, your next vacation spot might not have been listed, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a delicious meal at a great restaurant. It just means that your go-to diner didn’t quite make the top ten list. 

Caribbean food is often locally grown and harvested, and the seafood is usually fresh caught by local fishermen, making it amongst the freshest foods that you’ll ever taste. While Caribbean dishes may be flavored with locally loved seasonings, such as jerk or curry, the cuisine is often inspired by influences throughout the world, which makes Caribbean foods unique and flavorful. 

Although you probably have consulted your travel agent, chosen a locale, and booked hotel reservations, you should try taking your vacation plans to the next level by booking dinner reservations at one of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. 

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