The Best (and Worst) Time To Visit Jamaica

Jamaica – it was the best of times. Or, it was the worst of times. These are the varying reviews you may get from your friends who visited Jamaica. Travel sites may tell you to visit a certain time and place, but fail to take into consideration certain idiosyncrasies unique to an island where people live real lives.  Here

The best time to visit Jamaica is during the winter months, from December to February. The weather is cooler and drier, which makes for more comfortable conditions overall. However, this is also the busiest time of year, so expect higher prices and large crowds at popular tourist attractions. The spring and fall months (March to May and September to November) are also good times to visit, as the weather is pleasant and there are fewer crowds. But be aware that hurricane season runs from June to November, so you may want to avoid travel during this time if you’re worried about inclement weather.

Your experience will depend on so many different factors, but this article will give you a holistic view of the times of the year when you should definitely make a visit and the ones where you should keep those accumulated vacation days. Read on- you are sure to discover something that the average travel site won’t tell you.

The Best Times to Go To Jamaica

Dream Weekend

Dream Weekend in Jamaica is an annual event that takes place on the last weekend in August. It is one of the most popular music festivals in Jamaica and people from all over the world flock to the island to attend.

If you are a fan of reggae, dancehall, or just good music in general, this is the time for you to visit. The best part about Dream Weekend is that it takes place in Negril, which is widely considered to be one of the best beaches in Jamaica. So, you can enjoy the music and then relax on the beach afterward.

The Winter Season

Jamaica does not experience a true winter. The warm weather still makes Jamaica a beautiful destination to visit from December to January.

If you reside in a country where the snow completely takes over your life for a few months, why not escape to the isle of perpetual spring? A little extra vitamin D won’t hurt!

At their worst, these months are chilly and the weather is described by the locals as a “Christmas breeze.”

Olympic Season

Jamaica’s reputation at the Olympic stage speaks for itself. When the athletes go abroad to perform once in every four years, the entire atmosphere in Jamaica shifts. There is an overwhelming feeling of comradery and warmth that transcends the mere weather.

The nationalistic pride is felt throughout the entire island and manifests itself in more kind and jovial interactions with tourists who are fans of the nation. It’s a great time to grab a beer and watch a sprint race final at a bar tucked away in a hillside.

Party Season

Dream Weekend happens the first week of August. During this time, the heavy party goers flock to the north coast of the island for a weekend of non-stop revelry and fun. This is an excellent time to get your fill of dopamine for the year.

However, due to the high demand for hotels on the north coast, you are likely to be faced to some exorbitant rates. This season may need some planning well in advance.

Bob Marley Week

If you want to experience Jamaican culture at its best, Bob Marley Week is the time to go.

Bob Marley week is celebrated from February 6 to 11, which would have been the late singer’s birthday. The best place to be during this time is at Nine Mile in St. Ann where Marley was born and buried.

During this time, tourists and locals alike flock to his birthplace to soak up the Marley-good vibes and enjoy some great music.

Bob Marley was a unifier, and his music knows no bounds. This is reflected in the tremendous amount of people from all walks of life that come to celebrate his life during this time.

Spring Break (If You’re Looking to Party)

For party animals, the best time to hit Jamaica is during spring break or Dream Weekend. The island is full to the brim with students and other young people looking to let loose and have a good time.

The best places to be during this time are Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay. However, be aware that prices for hotels and other attractions will be hiked up due to the high demand.


Christmas is obviously a great time to visit Jamaica if you are Christian and want to celebrate the holiday in a tropical setting. However, Christmas is also a great time to visit for the food, the atmosphere, and the weather. Jamaican Christmas food is some of the best you will ever have, and you will be able to enjoy it in weather that is warm, but not too hot.

The Worst Times To Visit Jamaica

Election Season

National elections are taken very seriously in Jamaica. As opposed to the palpable unification felt during the Olympics, elections are internally divisive and potentially hostile to all and sundry.

Unfortunately, it may be hard to even pinpoint when each will be held. It is best to keep an ear to the ground to ensure that you can avoid this time.

Spring Break (If You’re Looking To Relax)

Spring break is a time when college students from the United States and Canada descend on the island for a week or two of drunken debauchery.

The best thing about this season is that there are various Jamaican festivals that coincide with the dates, giving you an opportunity to experience some of the best that our culture has to offer while still getting your fill of spring break fun. However, if you’re not into large crowds, this may not be the best time for you to visit.

Hurricane Season

Jamaica has a history of not fairing well in hurricanes. Towns on the coastline, where the average tourist is likely to go, are likely to feel the brunt of the rising ocean levels.

This season can span as wide as June to November, with some particularly strong hurricanes ripping through the island in September. So, the answer to “Jamaica?” will always be a “yes.” It’s also totally normal to follow up with a “But when?”

Rainy Season

The rainy season in Jamaica is from May to November. The best time to visit Jamaica is during the shoulder season, which is from December to April. However, if you’re looking to save some money, visiting during the rainy season can be a good option.

Many of the all-inclusive resorts offer discounts during this time and there are fewer tourists on the island. However, be prepared for some rain showers.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Montego Bay?

Montego Bay is the tourist hub of Jamaica, and as such is best avoided during the hurricane season.

The best time to visit Montego Bay would be from mid-December to early January. The weather is still reasonably hot, but not too unbearable. You are also likely to find some good hotel deals as this is typically an off-peak time for tourists.

Like most places in Jamaica, the best time to visit Montego Bay is during the party season. However, this may not be ideal for everyone as the parties can go on until the early hours of the morning.

So, whether you’re looking to get away from the cold or just want to party hard, Jamaica has something for you! Just be sure to

Summary of the Best Time To Go To Jamaica

The best time to go to Jamaica is from mid-December to early January. However, if you are looking to avoid the crowds, it is best to visit during the off-peak season. Be sure to avoid visiting during the hurricane season as Jamaica is susceptible to hurricanes.

Jamaica is an amazing place with a lot to offer tourists. Keep these best and worst times of the year in mind as you make your travel plans so that you can get the best experience possible!

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