Best Time To Visit Barbados & 8 Reasons To Go To

The Caribbean Islands offer plenty of beaches for everyone, but none are as perfect as Barbados Island. If you want to make the most of your holiday in Barbados, plan it for between December and April; during this period temperatures remain pleasantly warm at an average of 86°F, while rainfall is much less frequent than other times of year

If you plan a Caribbean holiday soon, here’s why Barbados should be at the top of your list.

Why You Should Visit Barbados

Aside from its pristine, white sand beaches, Barbados offers many things that the Virgin Islands and Bermuda do not have under their belt. 

1. It is safest from hurricanes

One of the most popular reasons Barbados is the best Caribbean island to visit is its location. It is located in the south of the hurricane belt. We all know that traveling to the Caribbean Islands is not cheap, so if you want a less risky vacation, then Barbados should be your only option.

2. Generally pleasant weather

While the other islands may experience a generally wetter climate from mid-May to December, Barbados’s little weather surprises are tolerable. At around noon, you can expect a high 44 Fahrenheit temperature, although, on extremely wet months, you may experience up to 80% chance of rain. Usually, however, wet days in Barbados like this one is followed by ultra-clear and sunny weather the next day. 

3. Lower rates

December to February is the peak season for tourists in Barbados and other Caribbean Islands. When you go there during the shoulder or off-peak season, you experience a slightly more affordable beach paradise. Some hotels might offer up to half the price off compared to their peak season rates. The peak season and off-season experience will be similar if you are extremely lucky. It’s a risk worth taking.

4. Lovely Caribbean food

No matter what month you go to Barbados, the food is spectacular. You still get to experience the best seafood dishes. Even when you go on a Caribbean holiday during the peak season, which means that the restaurant prices are hefty, expect to find amazing deals from local establishments. 

5. All to yourself, or at least less crowded

You might enjoy the driest, sunniest days when you book your Caribbean trip from December to April. However, you are sure to find yourself sharing the beautiful beaches with half the population of your neighborhood. A partly cloudy day on the beach with just yourself and your traveling party is still better than a very sunny day with a big crowd. 

6. Wide variety of choices

Almost everywhere you turn, you are bound to chance upon a really good beach in Barbados. You don’t need to book a room at this island’s swankiest hotel. You can go mid-range in your accommodations and you will still experience the Caribbean at its finest. The best part is that during the off-peak season, you will have plenty of choices to choose from. 

7. Peaceful Barbados

With the loud touristy crowd making their exit, you can finally enjoy Barbados like a real traveler. You get to experience it during its quiet, sincerest moments. You can revel at the beach and swim with the turtles. You can also go hiking on its hills, provided it’s a fairly dry day, and no one is expecting a storm. 

8. Shopping is great here too

This is true especially when you love to shop for food. Remember the dishes you tasted during your stay here? With a few sauces, you can replicate the experience when you go back home. A crowd favorite is the Bajan Pepper Sauce. If you would rather take home a hard drink, the Mount Gay Rum is also commendable. 

Useful Tips For Your Caribbean Holiday in Barbados

If you’re planning your Caribbean holiday, here are some practical tips to help you save time and money (and, of course, to guarantee that you’ll have an unforgettable Caribbean holiday):

Off-Peak Season Equals Savings

If you are on a budget, do not be afraid to book during the off-peak season. While the Caribbean Islands are also notorious for their unpredictable weather, Barbados is a fairly safe spot, weather-wise. You just need to start your activities early in the morning so you won’t get caught up in the rain if it rains in the afternoon. 

Go For All-Inclusive Resorts

Do your best to read up on the resort you are staying at. Sandals Barbados Resort & Spa is a good find. It’s perfect for honeymooners and family travelers with its wide, white sand beach strip and top-notch amenities. You should check out their special deals to make the most of your trip. 

Pack light but pack for all sorts of activities

While the beaches are the highlights of Barbados, the island has so much more to offer. Make sure you bring something for formal nights out if you and your partner decide to check out their fine dining options. 

Do Your Homework

Plan your trip well so you won’t get overwhelmed with choices once you are on the island. It’s advantageous to watch Youtube reviews on activities available on the island so you can pick the best ones for your trip. 

Prepare your credit line

Barbados is a beautiful island with plenty of activities. You would want to be financially prepared for this trip even if you are on a budget. Do not be afraid to explore low-profile spots that the locals love to frequent. You might not get the most glamorous view of Barbados, but if you want to experience something authentically, it’s always best to do things as the locals do. 

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