7 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in February (2024 Reviews)

Wondering which islands to visit in February in the Caribbean? We’ve compiled a Top 7 list you’ll want to read! 

For many reasons, February is a great month to travel to the Caribbean.

If you live in colder climates in the Northern Hemisphere, getting away to an island paradise will help you beat the winter blues. 

Other great reasons to go to the Caribbean in February include:

  • The weather is typically pleasant, stable, and without much variation.
  • You’ll have different types of festivals and events to enjoy.
  • Especially in the eastern Caribbean, the weather is relatively dry.
  • The water temperature is extremely comfortable, averaging 80 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for fun days at the beach.

Here’s our list of the best Caribbean islands to visit in February, whether you’ve traveled here many times or it’s your very first trip to this remarkable region. If you’re ready for exquisite beaches and relaxed island living, these are the islands to visit in February – and pretty much any time of the year. 

The Bahamas

Easy to get to from Florida, The Bahamas offer the perfect blend of beautiful beaches, aquatic activities, and resort-style entertainment. 

Why February?

With daily high temperatures averaging 78 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be up for fun activities without the excess heat. Nightly temperatures average 67 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for sleeping. Traveling to The Bahamas in February is great for those looking for comfortable temperatures and lower humidity levels. 

Island Highlights

  • Kayaking along the Exuma cays
  • Strolling and swimming at Pink Sand Beach – the sand really is pink!
  • Exploring the flora, fauna, and caves at Lucayan National Park
  • Enjoying the activities, meals, swimming pools, and amenities provided by all-inclusive resorts
  • Immersing yourself in piracy at the Pirates of Nassau Museum


Known for its easygoing vibe, world-class rum, and reggae music, Jamaica is a fun and relaxing place for your Caribbean vacation.  

Why February?

The average high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for cooling off in swimming pools and aquamarine sea waters alike. Night owls will appreciate the average low temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of the driest months – good to know for those who want to avoid rain. 

Island Highlights

  • Relaxing at the island’s great beaches, from Seven Mile Beach to Ocho Rios Bay Beach
  • Taking part in Bob Marley Week festivities
  • Dancing on soft sand at Jamaica’s beach bars and clubs
  • Bamboo rafting and river tubing
  • Hiking and cycling throughout the scenic island


One of the best islands to visit in February, Aruba is the perfect getaway destination for those who want to leave their cares behind and create beautiful vacation memories. 

Why February

The weather here is great, with average highs around 86 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows around 77 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for strolling along pristine beaches or lounging by the pool. Visitors also enjoy lively Carnival activities in Aruba in February. 

Island Highlights

  • Snorkeling and swimming in exquisite beaches, including Flamingo Beach and Malmok Beach
  • Exploring natural wonders, from sand dunes to natural pools
  • Strolling through tropical gardens and a butterfly farm
  • Parasailing and a host of water sports
  • Dancing and celebrating at Aruba’s Carnival 


Beaches, resorts, and breathtaking scenery are some of the things Barbados is known for. With clear waters for snorkeling and water sports, and great spots for nightlife, this island is the perfect vacation destination.

Why February

Delightful temperatures, cooling winds, and lower humidity are great reasons to visit in February. The average daytime high is 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The average nighttime low is 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Island Highlights

  • Exploring caves and coral reefs
  • Enjoying white sandy beaches
  • Visiting the Barbados Museum and other cultural offerings
  • Seeing natural wonders at wildlife reserves and tropical gardens
  • Going on sightseeing tours to take in the island’s historic architecture and scenic vistas

Turks and Caicos

Outdoor living at its best is the top reason to visit Turks and Caicos! These coral islands provide the perfect setting for snorkeling, diving, dining, and more. 

Why February

Here you can enjoy refreshing temperatures day or night, with an average high of 77 degrees Fahrenheit in February and an average low of 76 degrees. These ideal temperatures are great for everything from watching sunrises to taking moonlit strolls along the beach. 

Island Highlights

  • Whale watching – it’s the season humpback whales migrate through
  • Paddleboarding along shallow beaches protected by natural reefs
  • Staying at a luxury resort on Grace Bay Beach
  • Watching the Valentine’s Day Cup, a model sailboat race at Bambarra Beach
  • Going on a sunset cruise

Cayman Islands

Located to the northwest of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands consist of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. 

Why February

The Caymans are some of the best islands to visit in February because it cools off here at night, which is great for walking on the beach or enjoying nightlife. The average high is 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The average low is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of the least rainy months of the year. 

Island Highlights

  • Exploring undersea wonders on snorkeling and diving tours
  • Hiking along beach, woodland, mangrove, and garden trails
  • Taking a distillery tour
  • Seeing local marine life at places like the Cayman Turtle Centre
  • Enjoying live music at a beach club with spectacular ocean views

Saint Lucia

Rounding out our list of top islands to visit in February in the Caribbean is Saint Lucia. This scenic wonderland is known for tall cliffs that rise straight out of the water, cascading waterfalls, and of course, sparkling beaches.

Why February

Rainfall in February is low while temperatures are very pleasant. The average high is 83 degrees Fahrenheit while the average low is a delightful 73 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Island Highlights

  • Enjoying spectacular views from sandy beaches, like Marigot Bay and Jalousie Beach
  • Hiking the jagged volcanic peak known as Gros Piton
  • Relaxing in natural springs and mud baths
  • Night or day diving to see everything from octopi to seahorses
  • Touring working farms and plantations that grow bananas, coffee, and more

Whichever Caribbean islands you decide to visit in February, get ready to enjoy a rejuvenating vacation. A tropical oasis is simply the best destination for your February trip. Be sure to check out more Caribbean destinations at EpicCaribbean today.  

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