9 Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In June (2024 Review)

With over 7,000 islands to choose from, the Caribbean is a tropical paradise all year long. If you’re wondering what is the best Caribbean island to visit in June, this feature has you covered.

June is officially the start of the hurricane season in the region, and it lasts until November. However, as storms peak in August and September, you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and slim chances of rain during mid-year. Even better, most islands have fewer tourists. You can even snag incredibly competitive airfare and accommodation deals.

Without further ado, here are our top recommendations where you can spend an unforgettable June Caribbean holiday.

The Best Caribbean Resorts to Visit In June
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1. Jamaica

A warm temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit will envelop you during the daytime if you visit the Caribbean in June. This month is also considered off-season, so you can enjoy Jamaica’s fabulous beaches, majestic waterfalls, and lazy rivers without competing with a crowd of fellow tourists. Overall, June is a fantastic time to visit Jamaica.  

Best things to do in Jamaica:

  • Try Jamaican jerk chicken, ackee, and other local favorites.
  • Get to know reggae icon Bob Marley better with a tour at the Bob Marley Museum.
  • Relax at the Doctor’s Cave Beach or feed the adventurer in you at the Dunn’s River Falls & Park.

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2. Antigua

After the busy spring season, Antigua enjoys a calmer atmosphere in June. June is the best time to visit Antigua. During this month, the average daytime temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Offering a gorgeous coastline that spans 95 miles, this island at the heart of the Caribbean is a great place to dip your toes into white, powdery sand. 

Best things to do in Antigua:

  • Dine, shop, and visit the naval heritage that is Nelson’s Dockyard
  • Enjoy great ocean views at the Devil’s Bridge National Park
  • Swim and snorkel with friendly stingrays in the Stingray City

3. Barbados

June is one of the best months to book a trip to Barbados. Generally dry and with a daytime temperature peaking at 88 degrees Fahrenheit, the southeastern Caribbean island has something to offer to both the laid-back and adventure-seeking tourist. You can hit its turquoise and serene waters on the west or surf through its wild beaches on the east. Overall, June is a wonderful time to visit Barbados.

Best things to do in Barbados:

  • Go on a snorkeling cruise to swim with the turtles or explore shipwrecks
  • Explore the limestone cavern at the Harrison’s Cave Eco-Adventure Park
  • Discover your own little spot to admire the Atlantic Ocean — Barbados has no private beaches!

4. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are one of the best tropical destinations in June or any other month because the temperature there is warm year-round. Three tropical isles comprise this territory: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Apart from its pristine beaches, this group of islands takes pride in its local arts and crafts. 

Best things to do in the Cayman Islands:

  • Hit the stunning and rightfully award-winning Seven Mile Beach
  • Explore underwater beauty along with stingrays in its very own Stingray City
  • Go museum and art gallery hopping and shop in George Town

5. Curaçao

In June, Curaçao has a daytime temperature that averages 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also one of the driest areas in the southern region of the Caribbean. Colorful and rich in history, the island has an eclectic feel and offers beautiful spots for diving, wildlife watching, or just relaxing by the beach. 

Best things to do in Curaçao:

  • Drink and buy the famous Orange Liqueur, made from the dried Laraha orange peels (which is unique to the island)
  • Walk along and take snaps at the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge and Handelskade
  • Learn about the island’s history at the capital Willemstad (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

6. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic isn’t only the second-largest nation in the Caribbean but also a great option if you’re looking for the best island to visit in June 2024. It’s best known for its food, rum, cigars — and, of course, those Instagram-worthy beaches.

Best things to do in the Dominican Republic:

  • Choose from the hundreds of historical sites to visit at the Zona Colonial
  • Delve into various watersports at the Boca Chica or Macao Beach
  • Book a day trip and visit the fishing villages and enjoy the tranquil waters of Isla Soana

7. Grenada

You can find this tiny island country toward the south of the Caribbean. Though small, Grenada is home to many amazing beaches to choose from if you want to escape your daily hustle and bustle. Whether you’re into cocoa or spices, you can also find world-class products here. June is a great time to experience the magic of Grenada.

Best things to do in Grenada:

  • Go on a tour of known herb and spices gardens on the island, including Laura’s, Gemma’s, and De La Grenade
  • Stroll around its capital town of St. George 
  • Dive into and enjoy snorkeling at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park (the first of its kind in the world)

8. St. Lucia

Early summer is a great time to visit St. Lucia, an eastern Caribbean gem popular for its lush scenery and picturesque beaches. It’s an ideal island if you want to enjoy the waters and do some hiking adventures during your Caribbean holiday. One of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, St. Lucia is a romantic paradise, and June is the perfect time to visit.

Best things to do in St. Lucia:

  • Climb the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Piton Mountains
  • Take the stress out of your system and enjoy an all-inclusive stay at Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort
  • Sail along Marigot Bay, Rodney Bay, and Pigeon Island National Park

9. Trinidad and Tobago

Though the peak season for visiting Trinidad and Tobago is from January to March, June still boasts fairly warm weather — with daily high temperatures hovering around 88 degrees Fahrenheit. They offer a unique blend of African and Indian cultures, not to mention the spectacular beaches and coral reefs they are blessed with. 

Best things to do in Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Bask in the tropical magnificence that is Pigeon Point Beach
  • Tour around the Port of Spain — including the Red House and a row of colonial homes called Magnificent Seven
  • Check out the must-try shark fritters while enjoying the views at the Maracas Bay


Enjoy warm and sunny days when you choose the best Caribbean island to visit in June from our list. What we’ve enumerated above are tropical beauties that offer different attractions and activities — it’s up to you what kind of tropical holiday you want to have as you welcome the second half of the year.

Apart from the cheap airfare prices, you can also take advantage of packages from all-inclusive resorts like Sandals, which has a presence in Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, and Jamaica

Choose your Caribbean adventure and start planning it today!

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