Anthony’s Key Resort Honduras Overwater Bungalows

Check Prices at Anthony’s Key Resort Honduras Overwater Bungalows

If you are willing to go off the grid during your Caribbean vacation, then you might want to think about booking an overwater bungalow at Anthony’s Key Resort in Honduras, which has continued to be a popular destination for over fifty years.

There isn’t any phone service or televisions in the rustic villas at Anthony’s Key Resort, but they have recently connected Wi-Fi.  This is another resort that values sustainability and even offers courses on conserving coral reefs.

The overwater villas are located on a sprawling eleven acre property. Although you won’t have the opportunity to binge-watch your favorite TV shows at this resort, you can relax and unwind without many of the distractions of modern day technology. Additionally, they offer a widely popular and luxurious Mayan Stone massage.

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