25 Best Things To  Do In Curaçao For Every Type Of Traveler

When the heavens spread brilliant turquoise waters, white sand, and the most amazing things do, the Caribbean island of Curaçao got a big chunk of the share. This part of the world offers different versions of paradise that will tickle the wanderer in every soul. If you’re wondering what the best things to do in Curaçao are, you have a long list of choices. 

What Curaçao Offers

Curaçao boasts majestic beaches and mesmerizing waters. It’s often referred to as the hidden gem of the Caribbean that lies just around 37 miles from the coast of Venezuela.  Measuring  270 sq. mi., the island has less than 200,000 people. Here’s why Curaçao is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean:

  • Diverse Culture: it offers one of the most multifaceted cultures in the region with influences from South America, Spanish, and the Dutch.
  • Artsy Side: The island’s art scene thrives, which is evident in the colorful murals in Willemstad, its capital.
  • Nature Overload: Curacao has 32 beaches that offer varying experiences. Those who love the outdoors will also find the Christoffelpark and the Shete Boka National Park fascinating.
  • Nightlife: While the island is perfect for a quiet getaway, it also tends not to get sleepy for those hoping to enjoy music, drinks, and nightlife.

Amazing Things To Do In Curaçao For Every Type Of Traveler

On top of good weather and a smaller number of tourists, the island offers fun and meaningful things to do for every kind of traveler. Here’s what you should be on your list.

What Can Couples Do In Curaçao?

People crossing the Queen Emma bridge, the pontoon bridge that connects the quarters of Punda and Otrobanda in Willemstad, the capital city of Curaçao, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea.

1. Sandals Royal Curaçao

If you are on a romantic Caribbean holiday with your “the one,” the Sandals Royal Curaçao is an all-inclusive resort offering a good dose of luxury. Couples can have their perfect date in paradise without worrying about every detail of their stay. This Sandals property is nestled in a 3,000-acre estate where you can pamper yourselves and enjoy what the beautiful island offers.

2. Queen Emma Bridge

The Swinging Old Lady is a historic bridge connecting the two sides of Willemstad. Cross the bridge at night while the arches of the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge are lighted. Don’t forget to snap some pics and hold each other’s hand.

3. Couples Massage

Whether staying in the capital or near the coast, make sure you and your partner get that much-needed massage or total wellness treatments offered by some of the best spas in Curaçao.

4. Sunset Cruises

Book a boat tour to enjoy some of the most stunning sights of the Caribbean. Enjoy the sunset with your beloved while having some snacks and drinks.

5. Kleine Knip

On the western side of Curaçao, you will find Kleine Knip. It is a secluded beach where you can sunbathe and enjoy a quiet retreat away, especially on weekdays.

What Can Budget And Solo Travelers Do In Curaçao?

6. Mambo Beach

If you are after the craziest parties at the beach, Mambo Beach should be on top of your list. The live music and drinks feed energy to the crowd, even on Sunday nights.

7. Christoffel Park

The island’s national park offers a ton of things to see. Hike around to encounter deer, rabbits, iguanas, and amazing flora. Visiting this gifts of nature is one of top items if you’re looking for the best things to do in Curaçao.

8. Daaiboo Beach

Escapees would love the quiet vibe in Daaiboo Beach. No touristy crowds. Just you, the sand, and the turquoise sea. 

9. Salt Flats

Solo Caribbean travelers with their lenses will enjoy the bleached landscape in this former plantation. Snap images of flamingoes and some of the unique fauna and flora on this side of the globe.

10. Go Kayaking

Take a guided tour and paddle around the coast. Don’t forget to bring some snorkeling gear to explore the shallow waters.

Best Things To Do (Read: Food To Try) In Curaçao  For Foodies

11. Keshi Yena

Don’t leave Curacao without trying its unofficial national dish. The baked cheese-centric dish traces its roots in the island’s dark history in the slave trade.

12. Bitterballen

This Dutch meatball is a great snack when you hit the bars in Curacao. It’s typically filled with beef or veal and some cheese. 

13. Iguana

It might turn you off seeing the creature prowling around the beaches, then served on your plate. Well, it “tastes like chicken.” It’s perfect for people with curious taste buds.

14. Pastechi

If you love empanadas, pastechi will be a familiar item on the menu. This comes with a lighter dough filled with cheese or ground meat.

15. Curaçao Liqueur

The genuine island drink is crafted from the bitter pills of the Golden Orange of the islands known as the Laraha. Aside from its famous blue color, the drink also comes in red, orange, and green.

What Can Families With Kids Do In Curaçao?

Ostrich bird

16. Fort Amsterdam

This is the oldest fort on the island built in 1635. It’s now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bring the kids to this free destination to see the governor’s house, some government offices, and the oldest church on the island, Fortkirche.

17. Kura Hulanda Museum

Teach the kids about the stories of the African slave trade through artifacts from the 18th century, relics, and collections.

18. Curaçao Sea Aquarium

The aquarium in the capital houses some of the most beautiful ocean creatures. Kids will learn about marine life and even interact with some of them.

19. Curaçao Ostrich Farm

Parents and kids can see and touch with a friendly bunch of ostriches and emus. With the help of guides, your kids will learn about these creatures and get to feed them too.

20. Hato Caves

These 200,000-year-old caves are located on the northern side of Curaçao. Check out the beautiful formations, lake, and ancient cave paintings.

Best Things To Do In Curaçao  For Adrenaline Junkies

21. Tugboat Shipwreck

Hop on to a jet ski or a boat, then explore this popular snorkeling spot that features a sunken ship and the stunning marine life thriving in the area.

22. Aquafari Tour

In a guided tour, ride underwater scooters with your friends or other travelers to explore the wonders of Curaçao’s marine world.

23. Off-Road Safari

Reserve several hours to explore the most magical parts of Curaçao while riding on a 4×4 vehicle. The journey will take you to ancient caves, museums, the northernmost tip of the island, and some free time to enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

24. Rappel From The Tallest Bridge In The Caribbean

If you haven’t tried rappelling and want to tick it off your bucket list, you can start your day by jumping off the 148 ft. Queen of Curaçao.

25. Watersports

From a banana boat ride, water tube ride, and water skiing to wakeboarding, Curaçao never runs out of fun things to do in its blue waters.

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