28 Best Things To Do In Grenada For An Unforgettable Vacation

Grenada offers about 120 square miles of tropical spectacle. One of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean, it’s an unforgettable, less-crowded holiday destination that offers equally amazing sandy beaches and lush forests. This feature counts down the best reasons to go and the top things to do in Grenada.

Why Go To Grenada For Your Caribbean Holiday

Grenada is one of the islands making up the Lesser Antilles chain. If you’re still deciding whether you’ll spend your Caribbean holiday in Grenada, here are the top reasons to convince you.

  • Strategic location: Because Grenada is situated in the southernmost region of the Caribbean, significantly fewer storms hit the island. This means you can enjoy ideal tropical weather all year long. 
  • Stunning beaches: What makes Grenada a truly beautiful Caribbean paradise is its array of beaches. White, powdery sands will bring a beautiful sensation to your toes, while its turquoise waters are calming to the eyes and refreshing to the body.
  • Natural beauty: Grenada isn’t just about beaches. It has magnificent mountainous terrains and exquisite falls. If you want to spend time away from the beach, you’ll have plenty of options.
  • Spicy adventures: The country is known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean. Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, turmeric, ginger — you name it, they have it. These spices elevate the flavors of their local cuisine. But apart from spices, they also produce rum and chocolate.
  • Welcoming locals: Grenada has wonderful people who are as warm and welcoming as its tropical climate. They have British and French influences and celebrate many important events throughout the year.

28 Amazing Things To Do In Grenada 

Though Grenada is a tiny island nation, there’s no shortage of activities that tourists can try. Whether you’re a beach and nature lover, a foodie, or an adventure-seeker, here are the best things to do in St Grenada.

Best Things To Do In Grenada For Beach Lovers

1. Grand Anse Beach

Wildly popular among tourists, Grand Anse Beach, stretches nearly 2 miles. You can swim, snorkel, or scuba dive. But come sundown, its fine sands are lent with purple and pink hues, making the already-stunning place even more magical.

2. Morne Rouge Bay

If you want to be on one of the best beaches in Grenada but without the touristy noise, Morne Rouge Bay is where you should go. Nicknamed BBC Beach (thanks to a BBC-produced documentary), you can swim in calmer waters here.

3. Pink Gin Beach

This is a private beach, which you can access when you book your stay at Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa Grenada. You can expect a quieter Caribbean vacation than when you go to other public beaches on the island. However, you can also jazz things up by scuba diving or snorkeling. 

4. La Sagesse Beach

On Grenada’s southeast coast, you can find this unspoiled beach. It takes the shape of a crescent and is surrounded by lush foliage. After spending some time on its waters, visit the La Sagesse Nature Center and explore its easy trails.

5. Black Bay Beach

Black sand beaches have their own unique appeal. If you’re up for that, take a trip to Black Bay Beach on the island’s western side. It has nearby waterfalls and a cave whose walls are inscribed with ancient markings. 

6. Levera Beach

This beach, located in the town of Sauteurs, is for beach lovers who prefer a more rugged scene. Considered Grenada’s wildest beach, it’s also a great spot to meet the island’s wildlife.

7. Paradise Beach

Traveling to the nearby satellite island of Carriacou? Visit Paradise Beach, a narrow stretch of white sands with shallow aquamarine waters ideal for sea-bathing. 

Must Try Food In Grenada

8. Oil down

Read any Grenada travel tips, and you’ll always find a section dedicated to the island’s national dish. It’s a one-pot stew with salted meat or fish, veggies, breadfruit, coconut milk, and turmeric as its main ingredients.

9. Coconut pie

Picture this: You’re lounging by the beach with a coconut pie in one hand. You hear ambient noise from the waters hugging pristine shores and fleeting conversations from fellow vacationers. You know it’s just pie, but something heartwarming about it will make you appreciate the simpler things in life.

10. Goat curry

You can find different recipe variations in the isle of spice, but if you want something truly different, look for that one that uses lime juice and ginger. 

11. Nutmeg ice cream

Grenada has a lot of nutmeg. So it shouldn’t really be a surprise if they make ice cream out of it. 

12. Chocolate and rum

Grenada’s world-class chocolate bars make for a great pair with the island’s equally popular rum. Even if you don’t consume both in one sitting, indulging in these Grenadian products on their own is still a great experience for foodies. 

13. Lambie Souse

A must-try food in Grenada, the lambie souse is a slow-cooked conch spiced with herbs, garlic, onions, and lime juice. It’s a seafood dish best experienced in a tropical paradise as idyllic as Grenada. 

14. Pelau

This West Indian rice dish is ubiquitous on the island. It’s a hearty dish that usually features chicken, cooked with other savory ingredients like carrots, beans, celery, red sweet peppers, and coconut milk. 

What Should Nature Lovers Must See In Grenada

15. Seven Sisters Falls

Hiking to Seven Sisters Falls may cause you to sweat, but the views of this unspoiled gem are worth it nonetheless. The breathtaking waterfalls rush down and bless the large pool with cool, clear waters.

16. Grand Etang Lake

Seven Sisters Falls is located in the epic national park called Grand Etang. This nearly 4,000-acre-wide sanctuary is also home to the serene volcanic crater lake, Grand Etang Lake. The name is French for “large lake.”

17. Annandale Falls

Coming from the capital St. George, you’ll only need a 15-minute ride to see a beautiful hideaway. Annadale Falls will make your Caribbean holiday in Grenada truly unforgettable: Its majestic waterfalls are enclosed by dense greeneries — perfect if you want a quiet retreat.

18. Concord Falls

Want to be more immersed in nature? Surround yourself with verdant vistas when you kike the second waterfall of Concord falls. But if you want to admire its natural beauty simply, you’ll be glad to know that the first waterfall is just near the car park.

19. Laura’s Herb & Spice Garden

Don’t forego the chance to do a spice tour in no less than the Caribbean’s spice island. Laura’s is one of the most recommended herbs and spice gardens in town. 

20. Mount Qua Qua

Into mountaineering? Climb one of the highest peaks in Grenada. Once you get to the top, you’ll get to see the Caribbean island from an utterly unique perspective. 

21. Sandy Island

Located in Carriacou, Sandy Island is a tiny yet gorgeous stretch of land surrounded by bewitching azure waters. 

Best Things To Do In Grenada For Adventure Seekers

22. Marvel at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Installed five meters deep into Molinere Bay, this sculpture features 26 children — holding each other hands and forming a circle. Seeing it is the best Grenada adventure you can have underwater. 

23. Navigate the rapids of the Balthazar River

Get ready to go wet and wild as you tube down the rapids of the Balthazar River. It’s a thrilling ride, and being surrounded by exotic tropical vegetation makes it even more appealing.

24. Explore Levera National Park

This 450-acre park is located in Grenada’s northeastern part. It offers different tourist adventures — from swimming to stone hiking to seeing turtle hatching.

25. Discover Fort Matthew

If you want an adventure steeped in history, climb up to this fort. At 1,500 yards, this is the largest fort in Grenada. It was formerly a battleground that later became an asylum. Now, it houses several 18th-century amenities.

26. Join a bicycle tour

Enjoy that youthful adrenaline rush when you sign up for a bike tour that lets you explore the wonders of Grenada on two wheels.

27. Try deep-sea fishing

A seafood lover? Why not try catching some fish on your own? Grenada is abundant with marine life — including tuna, sailfish, mahi mahi, and blue marlin.

28. Go bareboating

One of the most challenging things to do in Grenada is to charter a boat yourself. Go bareboating and admire the different satellite islands of this country, such as Carriacou and Mayreau.

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