What To Pack For A Vacation In Jamaica?

When you think of a beach vacation, it’s easy to think of Jamaica. But aside from the swimsuit and beach towels, what do you pack for a vacation in Jamaica? This beautiful Caribbean destination is a favorite vacation spot because it has so much to offer and has a rich history. It is home to sunny weather, lush vegetation, and sparkling waters to include seas, lagoons, rivers and waterfalls. A number of sporting legends call it home, and it is also the birthplace of reggae.

When you are ready to take an international trip to the Caribbean Islands, consider Jamaica. It has beautiful beaches, and you only need a passport and travel documents, such as your plane ticket or cruise pass. If it will be your first time traveling to this foreign country, we want to help you determine what to pack, so you can truly enjoy your stay on this gorgeous island. This Jamaica packing list will help you enjoy your Jamaican adventure to the fullest.

So what do you need in addition to your flip-flops? Here is what to pack for Jamaica that you may have not thought about. This Jamaica packing list looks at the items you may not find on your typical packing list, because let’s face it, packing for the great weather is easy to do. It is often the little things we forget to pack that make the biggest difference in making our vacations comfortable and stress-free.

Travel Insurance

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your Jamaica trip, but it should be. This is better to have and not use than to find yourself in a situation where you need it but don’t have it.

Travel insurance can cover anything from lost or stolen luggage to flight cancellations and medical emergencies while traveling. The good news is that you can find travel insurance at affordable rates.

Virtual Private Network

You should have this anytime you travel to a foreign place, where you will be connecting to public WiFi in places such as airports, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. You want to keep your private information safe from hackers. A VPN will also be useful to allow access to apps and websites which may have geographical restrictions that prevent them from working while in an international location.

A Valid Passport and Travel Documents

You are going to need your passport so be sure to check and recheck before you leave for the airport. The last thing you want to do is reach the kiosk, only to realize you have no passport and have to miss your flight. This will shorten your vacation, especially if you don’t get a new flight on that same day. Boarding passes can be printed ahead of time, or you can have your barcodes ready to scan on your phone.

Be sure to bring a black ink pen or blue ink option, as you will need these to fill out immigration documentation on your trip to Jamaica.


Bring an adequate supply of your medications, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of sourcing them in Jamaica. You may not be able to find the same brands you use in the United States when you get to the island, and you will need to have a doctor write you a new script anyway. Keep any medication you bring in their original packaging to prevent problems, and bring medication that you may occasionally use. If you have allergies, you may want to bring your most effective allergy medications along with you as well.


Travel times are just estimates, and nothing is guaranteed. Your flight can be affected by weather and more. If you have gadgets that can help you pass the time, if you end up waiting longer than you planned on, those will do well to keep you entertained. If you aren’t into e-readers, tablets and laptops, you may bring along with you a traditional book or two.

If you are traveling with kids, you will definitely need gadgets. Don’t forget those chargers, and get a power bank or two while you are at, in case you find yourself waiting with no available outlet in sight.

A Multiport Charger

A multiport charger will help you keep all your devices in one place, so you can easily keep track of them while on your vacation. If you are staying at a Sandals resort, you will find that rooms have USB charging ports that can be very handy while on vacation.

Waterproof Bag or Waterproof Pouch

You are visiting an island after all, so chances are you are going to be spending a good amount of time by water. Whether you will be at the beach or at the pool, a waterproof pouch or bag to keep your phone, credit/ID cards and cash safe from the water.

You may also need a bag or pouch for putting those wet clothing items into if you will be traveling with them. If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, you may not need this, as your hotel room will only be a short walk away.

Distinctive Luggage Tags

By adding distinctive luggage tags, you will be able to find your luggage faster. This is a great idea if you are traveling in peak season. Choose bright tags or simply colored ribbons to make your luggage stand out from the rest, especially if you have traditional black luggage items.

Insect Bite Relief Cream

It may dawn on you to bring insect repellent and sun protection, as well as a first aid kit. But along with all that, you should consider bringing insect bite relief cream, especially if you get extreme reactions when bitten by insects. Insects you may come across in Jamaica include mosquitoes, sand fleas, blackflies, ants, wasps, hornets and spiders. Similar to travel insurance, if you want to have this and not need it, than to need it and not have it. This is especially true if you are not staying at all-inclusive resorts.

Beach Essentials

Pack sunscreen, a good beach bag, bug spray, a nice summer dress, flip flops, an underwater camera, a quick dry towel, bathing suits, cover-ups, a beach blanket and a sun hat. Water shoes may also come in handy, especially if you are considering touring falls or going on a river tubing adventure. The island is sunny year round, so no matter what season you visit, you will always be able to enjoy a day at the beach.

You don’t need to bring a beach umbrella and may not even need to bring towels, but you may benefit from having a neck wallet if you are venturing on the beach and want to have your hands free, and also want to have something above your waist so you can keep it while in the water. Try to find a waterproof one as best as possible.

A First Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to travel with a first aid kit. Include essentials such as antihistamine medications, pain relievers, band-aids, antibiotic preparations, alcohol pads, etc. Personalize your first aid kit to meet your specific needs. So if you have motion sickness or sea sickness, or pack pepto-bismol or Imodium if you may need those items. If you are traveling with a group, you of course will need to add meds to your kit for other persons in the group, so you are not all traveling with a first aid kit.

If you have food allergies, you may want to pack an Epi Pen. Ask your doctor for suggestions if you are sick or take any particular type of medication. It is important to note that the ambulance service in Jamaica is not as reliable as the services in the United States. Persons staying at all inclusive resorts are more likely to get prompt emergency service if necessary, as they may have their own private ambulance provider or may have an on-call arrangement.

Now that you know what you need to pack for your beach vacation. While on your Jamaica vacation, kick back, relax and enjoy the Irie no problem vibe of this Island adventure Caribbean vacation.


What Items Do You Have To Declare At Customs In Jamaica?

You are required to declare to customs if you have money orders, cash or checks equivalent or in excess of $10,000. You should also declare any animal products, plant or food you are traveling with.

What Should I Pack in My Carry On Bag to Jamaica?

Always have a full change of clothes in your carry on luggage in the event your luggage gets lost or stolen. This will allow you to shower and change before trying to head out to find clothes to purchase.

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