What to Wear to a Caribbean Wedding?

Destination weddings have always been a fad among people. Rome, Paris, Santorini, etc., are some of the top destinations people prefer for their dream weddings. But nothing beats the far-flung hideaways, glossy mega-resorts, and pristine beaches of the Caribbean islands.

But a destination like the Caribbean Islands poses a very interesting challenge for the guests attending the wedding: what to wear on the wedding day. After all, the Caribbean Islands are unlike any other destination on this planet; a vibrant party mood and a breezy casualness forever flow through these islands.

In other words, what works in most countries is not going to work here.

And that’s how this post will help all those planning to attend a Caribbean wedding in the coming days. We take you through some of the best choices of attire tailored for these destination weddings. 

But first, let us understand the two key factors that will determine what you need to wear for a Caribbean wedding. 

Things to consider when dressing up for a Caribbean wedding

If you are attending a Caribbean wedding for the first time, then these are the two things you must consider before finalizing an outfit on the day of the wedding:

  1. Environment: It goes without saying that a Caribbean wedding will be an outdoor event. So the first thing you must check is the weather on the wedding day. The weather will be sultry and humid on most days of the year in the Caribbean Islands. So, it is always preferable to go with breezy fabrics that do not cling to your body.
  2. Formality: Though most Caribbean weddings are informal, some weddings have a touch of formality. Hence, it is better to find out the level of formality of the wedding and plan your outfit accordingly. The easiest way to determine the event’s formality is by asking the bride or groom. 

Best Caribbean Wedding Attire for Men

Here is our pick of the best Caribbean wedding outfits for men:

Navy Blue Suit

Complement the turquoise sea and the azure sky with a stylish navy-blue suit. Ensure that the suit is skinny and made from a lightweight fabric so that it neither sticks to the body nor overflows with the breeze. You could enhance the outfit with a tie if the wedding is formal.

Ivory Natural Linen Suits

This is an ideal choice of fabric and color for men as it is lightweight and matches the sandy venue perfectly. A threaded embroidery in a contrasting color like brown could be an interesting addition to this outfit.

Printed Shirts and Chino Pants

You can also consider the informal choices, as not all weddings require suits and blazers. If you know that the wedding is an informal occasion, then printed shirts and chino pants are a great choice of attire. Wear a half-sleeved printed shirt in any bright color, coupled with khaki chino pants, to exude that sophisticated, casual look attending your loved one’s wedding on these islands.

Jackets and Shorts

This is probably the boldest option, reserved only for super-fun and super-casual Caribbean weddings. A suit jacket, pastel-colored shorts, and a pair of light-colored loafers can be worn at such weddings. The best part is it will help you beat the heat on a sunny day, especially when the jackets are woven from cotton linen.

Best Caribbean Wedding Attire for Women

There are only limited choices for men when it comes to wedding outfits, making selecting them easy. However, selecting attire for women could be daunting, thanks to the wide array of choices. Nevertheless, here are some of the top outfit choices for women attending a Caribbean wedding —

Floral Maxi Dress

Women’s outfits generally go well with a floral print on them. A floral printed maxi dress in vibrant colors such as red or violet is a great option for a formal Caribbean wedding. A maxi dress comes with several benefits. For starters, it keeps you cool and comfortable on warm days. Also, the dress will flow beautifully with the wind, making for a perfect moment for candid shots. 

Tank Midi Dress

At a formal Caribbean wedding, you can wear a tank midi dress with a racerback and a high-leg slit. One option is to wear a satin fabric midi dipped in navy blue or purple. It will make you look elegant in the photos. Tank midis usually go well with high heels. But you can also experiment with flat sandals.


Jumpsuits have been in vogue for years. But not many know that it is a great attire for a Caribbean wedding. It uplifts your looks instantly and gives you a wonderful chance to exhibit timeless fashion. A bold color for a jumpsuit would be hot pink, but you can also go for other subtle colors if you are not in the mood to experiment.

Midi with Cowl Neck and Tie Waist

If you are not a big fan of maxi dresses or jumpsuits, you can try a straight midi dress with a tie waist and a cowl neck. This is a great attire to emanate grace at any Caribbean wedding. The biggest advantage of this dress pattern is its color choices. Most of them come in metallic colors like silver, copper, and gold, all of which will make you glitter in the sunlight.

Linen Blazer and Printed Pants

If you want to stay away from the regular outfits and stand out from the crowd, a linen blazer suit could do the trick. The best choice of color would be black with printed designs in white. You could also sport this outfit with a minimum accessory kit and a pair of colorful sandals.


Dressing for a Caribbean wedding might seem like a tough row to hoe. But once you get the hang of the locale’s climate and the event’s formality, things will be easy for you. 

In summary, a Caribbean wedding demands an outfit that is suitable to the surroundings and blends perfectly with the event. So pick an outfit that is in line with these criteria, and have a great time at your next Caribbean wedding!

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