Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalows: Our Review

A tropical destination vacation is at the top of every traveler’s must-see, must-do, must-visit, and must-experience list. The allure of clear blue waters, white sand beaches, colorful underwater life, and so much more makes the Caribbean islands one of the most popular places in the world.A stay with any of these famous 5-star Sandals resorts will guarantee a memorable Caribbean vacation. However, for those looking to experience the best of the best, choosing to stay at the Sandals Royal Caribbean overwater bungalows is a must. In fact, for most people all-inclusive overwater bungalows are the epitome of luxury and is a once in a lifetime opportunity they cannot deny. 

Curious if the hype over Sandals over the water bungalows is worth all the fuss? This is everything you need to know about the best Sandals overwater bungalows, and more:

Why Overwater Bungalows Are Perfect Luxury Getaway For Couples

Traditionally couples book a flight to the Caribbean to spend a romantic week under the sun. This can be done anywhere on many different islands, but not all Caribbean experiences are the same. Couples who want to create the best memories will fall in love with the Sandals Royal Caribbean overwater bungalows as they fall for each other over again.

These bungalows allow for complete privacy from other guests without sacrificing any of the perks of an all-inclusive 5-star luxury resort. Couples can enjoy the Caribbean sun out on their expansive patio or go for a soak in Sandal’s signature Tranquility Soaking Tub built for two. All luxury rooms have a king-sized bed, spa-style bathrooms, and glass floors that allow guests to see the breathtaking underwater views. 

One look at the design and architecture of these overwater bungalows Caribbean style accommodations. You and your partner will know you’re in one of the most romantic destinations in the world. 

Best Features Of Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalows 

Before booking your stay at one of the Sandals over the water bungalows, it’s best to set some expectations about the different features and expectations this one-of-a-kind stay offers. Of course, there is no doubt that Sandals Resorts provide top-notch hospitality and customer service, but as guests at one of the all-inclusive overwater bungalows, these are just some of the guaranteed luxuries during your stay:

Unmatched Service

Although the best Sandals overwater bungalows are located away from everyone else, this doesn’t mean you and your partner have to do everything yourselves. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Guests are provided their very own professionally trained personal butler from the moment they arrive. Your butler will ensure excellent service during your stay and provide you with everything you need and want for an unforgettable vacation.

Sunbathing in Style

Forget about bringing all your beach items and setting up on the beach just like everyone else. The Sandals Royal Caribbean overwater bungalows each have over-the-water hammocks for two, so you can enjoy the blue waters and the sun in your own private patio.

Private and Easy Ocean Access

These over-the-water bungalows are perfect if you want to avoid crowds and just enjoy the Caribbean waters to your heart’s content. Each one comes with a swim-up platform so you can dip your toes or jump in the water as much as you want, with little effort. 

24-Hour Room Service

With excellent and dedicated service also comes amazing food and room service options. A luxury vacation is complete with room service delivered to you every morning. There’s no need to wake up early and rush to the breakfast buffet before it closes. Your food will get to you while you relax in your room.

Stunning Panoramic Views

No stay in the Caribbean is complete without enjoying a few sunsets and sunrises. Although normally guests would have to make the effort of getting out of bed and getting dressed to watch the sunrise from the beach, in your very own over-the-water bungalow, you can see these breathtaking views without leaving the comfort of your king-size bed. 

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalow?

As someone planning on booking their stay on overwater bungalows Caribbean resorts have to offer, the most common question is how much does a stay cost? No stay at an all-inclusive luxury resort comes cheap, but the best Sandals overwater bungalows are worth every penny. The Sandals overwater bungalows price varies depending on when and how long you plan to stay.

On average, per night, a bungalow will cost anywhere from $500 up to $1,500. Each Sandals resort has its perks and features, so don’t just choose the most affordable option. Always look into what each over-the-water bungalow has in store for you and your partner so you can have the best experience possible. Just keep in mind that the price is an all-inclusive offer that guarantees luxury and 5-star service from staff 24-hour, seven days a week, while at any Sandals Resort. 

Why Choose Sandals Resorts?

Since there are many resorts to choose from in the different Caribbean islands, it’s only normal to ask if Sandals is worth all the hype. Sit tight if you’re on the fence about booking a stay at one of the bungalows after seeing the Sandals overwater bungalows price. There are many reasons why Sandals is so popular with guests from all over the world, and you, too will enjoy these perks, features, and so much more if you decide to stay at one of Sandals Resorts.

It’s An All-inclusive Stay

You don’t have to worry about paying for anything else during your stay at Sandals. Once your room is booked, everything else is included in the price you pay. All the drinks, the food, spa services, and even the activities you want to try while on vacation are part of the price. Guests can walk around the resort without a wallet and without a care in the world. There’s just one goal: to make the most of your stay.

An Adults-Only Resort

For more than 25 years, Sandals has been an adults-only resort. This means couples are guaranteed a romantic vacation without any distractions. An adults-only 5-star resort creates the perfect romance, intimacy, and luxury ambiance. 

Amazing Dining Guaranteed

It is common for hotels and resorts to proclaim that they have the best menu on the island, but unfortunately, these claims are often disappointing. Thankfully, this is never the case at Sandals. Each resort has at least a handful of 5-star dining options to choose from so you can try a different restaurant every night. Plus, with all the drinks already paid for, you and your partner can enjoy world-class cocktails made using top-shelf liquor.

Guests Are Pampered Every Step of The Way

We have all experienced the stress of finding the resort from the airport only to get to the resort feeling worn out before the vacation starts. Don’t worry! During your stay with Sandals, the pampering starts the moment you step off the plane. Once you arrive, a personal driver will meet you at the airport to bring you to the resort, where you are welcomed with a cold drink and you can unwind in your luxurious bungalow, and your vacation truly begins. 

Romance, luxury, and the best service await you and your partner. Come and book your stay at the all-inclusive overwater bungalows by Sandals Resort. 

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