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The Bahamas is comprised of a total of 700 breathtaking islands and is known simply as paradise on earth within the Atlantic Ocean. Astronaut Scott Kelly called the island “the most beautiful place from space.”  Its diverse inhabitants of around 400,000 citizens would agree. 

Located just off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is easy to reach from the U.S., yet it feels like another world. Its capital, Nassau, is where most of the Bahama buzz happens, and you will likely want to visit it at least once. The winter, without the summer heat and humidity, is the best time for your Bahamas visit. Nassau boasts beautiful white beaches with pure azure waters, the most popular being Cable Beach and the more secluded Cabbage Beach. Watersports galore for everyone.

Bahamians are a blend of the descendants of the freed Barbados slaves and the white European settlers, all of whom have forged their own unique culture. The island spreads out into 13,000 square kilometers with spectacular sights, foods, and beaches.

The official language in the Bahamas is proper British English. Some of the Haitian immigrants speak Haitian Creole. The English language was brought to the island by British settlers and is used for all official purposes. 

Bahamians use the Bahamian dollar, but the US dollar is certainly welcome here.

There are 300 years of history to explore in the island’s capital, Nassau, such as the Queen’s Staircase, the famed 65 steps leading to the top to Fort Fincastle and named in honor of Queen Victoria’s 65th birthday. After climbing the stairs, enjoy a tour of the fort.

The Bahamas is nature at some of its most glorious, and that is reflected in Nassau’s Ardastra Gardens, where flamingos, parrots, peacocks strut freely and undisturbed. This is a great place for youngsters to interact with furry and feathered pals and feed them. 

Take the ferry to Harbour Island, a favorite getaway of the rich who flock to the island’s famed pink sandy beaches. There is plenty to do on Harbour Island. Exploring the reefs and caves along the coast is a favorite activity for everyone. Visitors can dive on their own or take a tour to discover the best reefs and shipwrecks.

Outside of the waters, there is plenty of unique shopping on Harbour Island. Recover from a hard day of boutique visits and shopping at the A&A Hidden Treasures with a cool Goombay Smash, a favorite rum drink. While the locals drive around in cars, a more fun way to explore the island is by golf cart.

About the Bahamas

Bahamian Foods and Drinks

The Bahamas is an island, so it is not surprising that it has fantastic seafood. It is especially known for its conch (which is found on every menu) served in every way possible. While conch is everywhere, try the local, small restaurants before the hotel restaurant. A local, genuine Bahamian chef is more likely to bring sweet life to that conch. It’s all in the proper spicing, 

The spiny lobster is another favorite seafood, and it is available seasonally during the summer months. Fresh, fried sea crabs are also sought-after.

For a relaxing cup of coffee, visit the local Starbucks’ equivalent, Cocoa. Here, you can have your aromatic coffee and fresh juices while enjoying a view of the Valentines Marina. Locals and visitors in the known eat lunch at Sip Sips and indulge in its famous lobster quesadillas and head-spinning margaritas with a view of Pink Sands Beach.

When it comes to Bahamian drinks, rum rules. It is the national drink of the Bahamas. Prepared to be slain by the Bahama Mama and the Goombay Smash. The Nassau Royale is a good choice for those who wish to remain on their feet for a while.

Harbour Island has a vibrant nightlife. For dancing all night long, visit Daddy D’s. When Daddy finally closes, join everyone at the Vic Hum Club, which comes alive in the early hours with drunken ping-pong and basketball games. 

Things To Do In The Bahamas

Not surprisingly, much of the activities in the Bahamas revolve around its gorgeous beaches. Watersports can be enjoyed everywhere, from smaller islands to the large resorts. You will find first-rate diving, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and swimming throughout the Bahamas. Much of the waters are filled with sharks, dolphins, turtles, and other aquatic animals. Perhaps to see the most of the Bahamas, enjoy one of its many boat tours. Whichever tour you take, be sure not to miss Pig’s Beach, where you literally get to swim with the local pigs (they enjoy the company.)

Graycliff Hotel in Nassau

The Graycliff Hotel has special offerings for both adults and children. The restaurant’s wine cellar has over 250,000 bottles from 20 different countries. This is nirvana for wine connoisseurs, who can sample – or just be in the same room with – some of the costliest wine in the world, such as the 1727 Rudesheimer Apostelwein. 

Children find their own Eden at the Graycliff Chocolatier. Here, they learn about chocolate production by touring a chocolate factory and preparing their very own candy bar. The tour includes special chocolate treats for all. For supervising parents, there is a special chocolate and alcohol pairing. Fun for everyone.

Pirates of Nassau Museum

The Bahamas has a proud piracy history. This is where looting and plundering flourished in the 17th-century, especially thanks to looter Henry Every, who used Nassau Harbor to unload his plundered goods. He paid the governor of the Bahamas for the privilege, so everyone profited. Over 1,000 pirates did business in Nassau at any time. 

The best place to explore pirate history is the Pirates of Nassau Museum. It’s a great place to take the children to learn all about Blackbeard and his nefarious activities. 

The Best Regions in the Bahamas

Best Beaches

The beaches in the Bahamas are difficult to beat. Here is a list of the best of the best.

Cable Beach

Look no further than Cable Beach in Nassau. The crystal water and rolling waves along two and a half miles of stunning coastline are lined with some of the island’s best luxury resorts. You’ll find a golf course and the Bahamas’ largest casino at the Wyndham Nassau Marriot Resort.  

Pink Sand Beach – Harbour Island

The pink sand and the azure water create a magical painting. The two-mile beach is ideal for swimming and strolling, and the Pink Sand Beach Resort is a prime luxury resort.

Best Snorkeling

With its marvelous beaches, the Bahamas is made for snorkelers. The underwater visibility is incredible, and the many coral reefs are a dazzling sight. There are more than 2,400 cays for snorkeling, but some are truly exceptional and not to be missed. Enjoy some optimal snorkeling from December through April, when the weather is the best.

New Providence Island

New Providence Island provides superior snorkeling. However, one of the best-kept secrets is the Rose Island Reef, approximately three miles east of New Providence. The reef is shallow and perfect for beginners, who can revel in the company of colorful tropical fish and two shipwrecks. The nearby Gambier Deep Reef has deeper water. All of these reefs have available tour guides.

Freeport Beach on Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama is an island in the northern part of the Bahamas with plenty of calm waters. Snorkeling here is excellent, and visitors can swim out to Deadman’s Reef, where they can also enjoy kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, and other fun watersports.


The Bahamian island of Bimini is just off the coast of Miami. There are plenty of wonderful beaches, coral gardens, and dolphins, stingrays, and sharks, making it a favorite place for snorkelers, especially those eager to explore the underwater world here, which is reputed to be a portion of the lost city of Atlantis. The Rainbow Reef off Bimini is a marine sanctuary with colorful fish. 

Best Placed To Eat in the Bahamas

There is more to the Bahamas than incomparable beaches. It’s a great place for a tasty meal, as well. Fresh seafood, especially conch, leads the culinary parade, but there are some other surprising specialties available. 

Cafe Matisse

Café Matisse offers elegant, romantic dining in Nassau with great Italian food and seafood prepared Italian-style. This can definitely be considered a “special date” restaurant. 

Santanna’s Bar and Grill

People drive out of their way for the lobster prepared in their special sauce at Santanna’s followed by a heady Bahama Mama. This casual bar is at the beach in Little Exuma, so just sit back and enjoy. There is a convenient bakery next door with some delectable desserts, such as a wonderful rum cake.

1648 – An Island Restaurant allows you to enjoy elegant beach dining next to the azure waters at Governor’s Harbor. The menu is all about conch and lobster. Why not try the lobster pizza?

Best All-Inclusive Resort or Hotel In The Bahamas

The Bahamas is filled with exquisite all-inclusive adult and family resorts that are guaranteed to turn your Bahama vacation into a lifetime of memories. One of the best and more sophisticated Bahamian resorts is the Sandals Emerald Bay in Exumas. This resort provides adults (no children allowed) with both relaxed privacy and an abundance of activities while surrounded by a mile of pristine beach. For fabulous French food and romantic elegance, choose the La Parisienne and dine either indoors or on the tropical terrace. The resort offers a variety of rooms, including exclusive suites that come with a private, 24-hour butler.  

In the evening, join a pool party or karaoke or enjoy some fine ale at the Drunken Duck English Pub. 

Best Hotel for Couples in the Bahamas 

The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort on Paradise Island exceeds expectations on all levels. With five miles of white beachfront, gardens inspired by the splendor of Versailles, this is a Bahama honeymoon splendor. 

Secluded and private, the Ocean Club spans over 35 acres of oceanfront and tropical gardens. Accommodations include waterfront villas with infinity pools and a private beach. The Ocean Club also has five restaurants, including the Michelin-rated Dune and a martini bar, where you get your drink shaken, not stirred. This is where the Bond movie, Casino Royale, was filmed.

There are three pools, one of which is adult-only. The casino, with over 80 tables and 700 slots, is one of the best gaming sites in the Caribbean. 

Best Hotel for Families in the Bahamas

The Atlantis Bahamas on Paradise Island has all the necessities for adults, including great dining, elegant rooms, tennis, and a golf course. However, the Atlantis really shines when it comes to enthralling families. The Dolphin Cay is the largest marine habitat in the Caribbean. Kids will love Aquaventure, a 141-acre water park with pools, water slides, and a river for tubing. The huge marine habitat is home to 50,000 marine animals. There is even a special club for tweeners

The Atlantis’ lagoons are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Relax and unwind at the fitness center and spa before indulging in the Atlantis vibrant nightlife.

All guests of the hotel are invited to enjoy sponsored cruises to neighboring islands.

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