25 Best Things To Do In Barbados in 2024

Barbados may only be two and a half times the size of Washington, D.C., but it sure is full of surprises. And if you’re one of those vacationers looking for awesome things to do in Barbados, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you make your Barbados holiday unforgettable with our careful curation of itinerary recommendations.

Why Go To Barbados For Your Caribbean Vacation

Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Barbados is one tropical wonderland you should visit at least once. Here are the top reasons why.

  • Year-round sunshine: Any vacation will not be as memorable if weather conditions aren’t good. Thankfully, Barbados is one of those islands with plenty of sunny days, save for some quick rain showers during the wet season (July to November). 
  • 70 miles of crystal-clear waters. The gorgeous beaches of Barbados stretch a good 70 miles. You’ve got calm waters on the western coast and wilder waves for surfing on the eastern side.
  • Culinary treats. There’s a lot to taste, from flying fish dishes to macaroni pies, on this Caribbean island. And if you want something with a strong punch, Barbados overflows with rum.
  • A haven for shopaholics and sports enthusiasts. The capital Bridgetown is brimming with clothing, jewelry, and souvenir shops. Just as the island is enjoyable for those who love to shop, it’s also a great place to be for sports fans. Bajans are huge cricket and golf aficionados.
  • The best people. Bajans have a deep affinity to its culture, which draws influences from Britain and West Africa. They are outwardly warm — you can even party with them at nighttime or during their local festivals.

Amazing Things To Do In Barbados For A Memorable Holiday

Looking for fun water activities and on-land adventures? Traveling with the whole family or on a budget? Here are the best things to do in Barbados. 

Must-See Beaches in Barbados

1. Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach abounds in great waves, and it comes as no surprise it’s called a surfer’s paradise. But even if you’re not a fan of this watersport, you can enjoy beach picnics or fly kites with your loved ones.

2. Dover Beach

Dover Beach has a breezy vibe. It has a dedicated area for swimming, but it’s more popular for its many water adventures: surfing, jet skiing, and Hobie Cat sailing, among others.

3. Rockley Beach

Also known as Accra Beach, Rockley offers a unique yet welcome mix of calm and exciting waves. You can sea bathe or surf to your heart’s content. You can also find the famous south coast boardwalk connecting Accra and Coconut Court beaches.

4. Crane Beach

The pink-hued sands and azure waters of Crane Beach are enough to pique the interest of beach lovers around the world. It also has dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views of lush greeneries. 

5. Bottom Bay

Though you will need to take a short walk to get to Bottom Bay, the impressive views of this tourist spot will make all your efforts worthwhile. It’s slightly enclosed by incredible coral cliffs and dotted with imposing palm trees. Even the locals consider it one of the beaches in Barbados.

Snorkel, Dive, And Cruise In Barbados

6. Carlisle Bay Marine Reserve

Read Barbados travel tips, and you’ll find out that Carlisle Bay is the most recommended location for scuba diving and snorkeling. It’s a sheltered area home to mysterious shipwrecks that attracts an abundance of marine life — from tropical fish to turtles to sea horses.

7. Mullins Bay

It’s the perfect place for a retreat if you want to spend your precious time snorkeling and swimming with bright-colored fish. And if you just want to quietly lounge by the beach after, you can peacefully do so — this part of Barbados is not as packed as others.

8. Consett Bay

Headed for Barbados in the summer? If you want a memorable diving experience, this is one of the best spots to go to. Apart from magnificent coral reefs, you can also explore caverns while at Consett Bay.

9. Browne’s Beach

Close to the capital, Browne’s Beach is easily accessible from the cruise port. It has serene aquamarine waters perfect for swimming and powdery sands great for strolling around. It overlooks the crescent-shaped Carlisle Bay — plus, it’s rarely crowded!

10. Brandons Beach

This gem of a beach is only a 20-minute stroll away from the docking point of cruise ships. Calm waters and awesome restaurants await vacationers. If you want to go snorkeling, it’s a beautiful place to meet Barbados’ aquatic residents.

Best Activities For Families In Barbados

Sea turtles playing around in Barbados.

11. Swim along with sea turtles at Turtle Beach

Make your Barbados family vacation a trip to remember when you head to Turtle Beach — where you and your kids will love swimming and mingling with friendly turtles. If you stay at nearby Sandals Barbados Resort & Spa, you can even use stand-up paddle boards and kayaks for free.

12. Ride a submarine

Can’t get enough of Barbados’ underwater world? Book a submarine tour and safely plunge 150 feet into the island’s mesmerizing waters. 

13. Explore Harrison’s Cave

If you want your holiday to be fun and a great learning experience, be sure to include this on your bucket list. You can take a tram ride tour and learn more about the cave’s stalactites, stalagmites, and wildlife. 

14. Watch horses race at Pebbles Beach

Horses from the famed Garrison Savannah Racetrack are taken out to the beach to race right through the waters of the Caribbean. 

15. Jump aboard a pirate cruise

Experience a pirate’s life by booking a cruise tour with the whole family. From Bridgetown, you can go aboard a ship fully equipped with rope swings and rustic planks. The tour includes meals and swimming stops. 

Fun Things To Do On Land In Barbados

16. Go on an off-road trip 

Ride a 4×4 jeep safari and discover the beauty of Barbados on land. If you want to prolong your adventure — and give in to the island’s seductive waters — you can even book a land and sea safari tour package that offers both a jeep ride and a catamaran sail.

17. Watch a cricket game at Kensington Oval

Cricket is the Bajan national game. And what better way to enjoy a cricket match than to witness it in the most popular venue on the island: the Kensington Oval.

18. Get closer to the island’s wildlife at Barbados Wildlife Reserve 

If your definition of fun is getting up close and personal with animals, look no further. Located in Farley Hill National Park, this wildlife reserve is a sanctuary to many creatures — ranging from birds and reptiles to monkeys and deer.

19. Visit the Barbados Museum and Historical Society

This is no ordinary museum. Made for learning, it has interactive amenities where visitors can enjoy learning a thing or two about wildlife and sustainability.

20. Celebrate with locals at Crop Over Festival

First held two centuries ago, this is the most important cultural revelry in Barbados. Held in early August, it offers many activities — including concerts, parties, and a colorful parade that is Grand Kadooment. 

Barbados Vacation On A Budget

Caribbean, Grilled fish and salad lunch layed out on a beachside table

21. Miami Beach

Your dream Barbados holiday doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Like other beaches on the island, Miami Beach is free. It offers cheap chair and umbrella rentals and budget-friendly food hubs. 

22. Oistin’s Friday Night Fish Fry 

Speaking of food, if you’re going to Barbados on a budget, don’t forget to spend a Friday night trying local dishes at the popular Oistin’s Fish Fry.

23. Welchman Hall Gully

This tropical hideaway in St. Thomas Parish is a collapsed cave and the only forest with public access. 

24. Hunte’s Garden

Treat yourself to a calming trip at Hunte’s Garden. Grown out of a sinkhole, it takes pride in its vibrant botanical displays and various bird species.

25. Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave boasts unparalleled coastal scenery in the northernmost part of this tropical speck. If you’re looking for unique and budget-friendly things to do in Barbados, this is a place where you can eat authentic Bajan cuisine while enjoying whale watching.

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