7 Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In July (2024 Review)

Everyone deserves a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Are you planning a summer getaway, far from your daily routines, to give that tired body some much-deserved rest? If you love spotless beaches, underwater adventures, all-inclusive resorts, and multifaceted culture, then the Caribbean is the perfect holiday destination. We have compiled a shortlist of the best Caribbean islands to visit in July to help you decide.

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Why Go To the Caribbean In July?

The Caribbean has been blessed with wonderful landscapes and seascapes, and the region is also renowned for having the most desirable climate. It’s never cold, never too hot, and you can predict the rhythm of rainfall.

The wet season begins in June, but if you plan to have a Caribbean holiday in July, you can enjoy average temperatures in the mid-80s Fahrenheit. The average rainfall is pegged at 2 to less than 3 inches, and the odds of being in the direct path of a hurricane are low.

Before booking your plane tickets for your Caribbean vacation, check out the Caribbean weather charts to make an informed decision.

1. Curacao

Curaçao could be one of the most underrated best Caribbean islands to visit in July. Often overshadowed by its more popular neighbor Aruba, Curaçao shares its vibrant culture and offers one-of-a-kind experiences to travelers. When you visit Curacao in July, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an average of low to high-80s with less than 2 inches of rain.

Things To Do In Curaçao 

  • Pamper yourself and enjoy a wonderful, all-inclusive stay at Sandals Royal Curacao
  • Charter a Boat to Klein Curacao, where you can enjoy the whitest of beaches and some barbecue lunch
  • Explore the Punda and Otrobanda sides of Willemstad and immerse yourself in the local culture and gastronomic scene

2. Aruba

Aruba is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit in July. It’s not only famous for its beaches and beautiful landscapes, but also for the exciting things you can do in this Dutch territory. Aside from snorkeling, diving, and other watersports, you can also splurge in some of the most lavish casinos you can find in the region.

Things To Do In Aruba

  • Check out the most famous beaches in Aruba, such as Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, and Boca Grandi
  • Book a submarine tour to explore the underwater world of Aruba
  • Bring the family to explore its capital Oranjestad, and see flamingos and donkeys 

3. Mexico

Mexico boasts of 6,000 majestic beaches, and it’s practically next door if you’re coming from the United States. July is officially part of the country’s rainy season, but the weather is warm at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t have to worry much about the rain since it usually comes in short bursts with a good dose of sunshine.

Things To Do In Mexico

  • Cancun is home to deluxe resorts where you can spend a luxury Caribbean honeymoon. But apart from the sun-kissed white beaches and delectable cuisine, the world-famous Mayan ruins are another reason to visit this island.
  • Puerto Vallarta gives you that small-town vibe while offering world-class gastronomic experiences. Your tastebuds will thank you for visiting this corner of Mexico.
  • Mazatlan is nestled in the country’s Gold Coast. Aside from its long stretch of white sand beaches, families can go around museums and historic sites.

4. St. Martin

St. Martin in July gives you a good balance of mid-80s temperature tempered by tropical breezes. About 50% of the time, the skies are overcast, making the conditions pleasant. This best Caribbean island to visit in July is only 37 square miles but it is known for its powdery white beaches and amazing culture.

Things To Do In St. Martin

  • Grab the opportunity to visit neighboring islands such as St. Barth and Anguilla
  • Zoom on top of trees via zip-line at Loterie Farm’s Fly Zone Treetop Adventure
  • Get some adrenaline rush by watching big aircraft fly overhead as they land the island’s international airport next to Maho Beach.

5. Dominican Republic

There’s a lot to love in this Caribbean destination: the friendly Hispanic culture, museums, golf courses, chocolate, coffee, rum, jeep safaris, and vibrant nightlife. Visiting the Dominican Republic in July promises warm weather with daily highs in the mid-80s, without any storms.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic

  • Visit Zona Colonial at Santo Domingo for some history at the walled central neighborhood. Check out UNESCO-protected landmarks such as Catedral Primada de America, Fortaleza Ozama Fort, and Alcazar de Colon.
  • Go whale watching at the Peninsula de Samana and explore the colorful towns of Las Terrenas and Las Galeras.
  • Swim in some of the most famous waterfalls of the Dominican Republic. The views are truly captivating, from the Salto Socoa and Salto de La Jalda to Salto El Limon and many more.

6. Anguilla

One of the best Caribbean islands to visit in July is Anguilla. During this period, you can grab the best package deals while avoiding hurricane season. The weather is generally warm at the high 80s and with just a few days of rain showers in this British territory. If you love water sports, world-class resorts, and beautiful beaches, you can never go wrong with an Anguilla getaway.

Things To Do In Anguilla

  • Anguilla Summer Festival 2024, the biggest party in the islands, start as July closes and runs through the first week of August
  • Take a sunset cruise and enjoy some cocktails and seafood with friends or fellow travelers
  • Party all you like at the Sandy Ground along the northwestern coast of Anguilla

7. Saint Thomas

St Thomas US Virgin Islands Drone Aerial.

While other corners of the Caribbean will be getting 4 to 6 inches of rain, this part of the U.S. Virgin Islands still enjoys perfect beach weather. From dazzling views to its blue waters, Saint Thomas can captivate any wanderer with its welcoming culture.

Things To Do In St. Thomas

  • Book a Catamaran cruise to Little Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge, where you can swim and snorkel with the tropical fishes
  • Kayak through a red mangrove forest and discover interesting wildlife
  • Enjoy a scenic tour of St. Thomas from a helicopter


And that’s a wrap for our list of the best Caribbean islands to visit in July. Plan your vacation well to avoid all the stress if things don’t work out as planned. Remember, you’re heading to the Caribbean to give yourself some respite from all things life throws at you. Enjoy!

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