8 Stunning Waterfalls in Jamaica to Explore

Jamaica is home to some of the Caribbean’s most stunning waterfalls. We can’t let you visit the island and not have any of these on your to-do list. Although there are actually too many to even count, we narrowed the list down to our top favorites. These are just some of the most stunning waterfalls in Jamaica!

Reggae Falls

If you’re really looking to go off the beaten path, Reggae Falls (a.k.a Dam Head) is the perfect place to explore! The falls are located nearly three hours southeast of Ocho Rios, on the eastern end of Jamaica, in the suburban parish of Saint Thomas. This beauty was the result of a 1920s failed hydroelectric project, that turned into a stunning waterfall over a dam.

A short hike through some lush vegetation will get you to the falls that pour into the Johnson River. If you’re up for the climb, hidden to the left of the dam is a set of narrow steps to get you to the top of the falls for even more stunning views!

Dunn’s River Falls

As one of the island’s most iconic waterfalls to explore, Dunn’s River Falls are a must when you visit Jamaica! Exploring Dunn’s River means getting to take an adventurous, one-hour to an hour and a half trek up the falls, swimming in many natural pools and even relaxing on a white sand beach. One of the best parts about it is how accessible it is! It’s just a quick 10-minute drive from the heart of Ocho Rios.

Not only is this spot filled with tons of adventure, but it’s also the only travertine waterfall in the Caribbean (one of only a few in the world) that empties directly into the sea. So, as scientists have said before, it’s a true “living phenomenon.”

Reach Falls

Nestled within the Montane Forest on the John Crow Mountain Range are these gorgeous falls that will just take your breath away. Reach Falls was discovered, many decades ago, by runaway slaves from nearby plantations in the St. Thomas parish. The falls cascade down a rock face and into a shimmering, emerald river pool. It’s the perfect setting to unwind and explore the surrounding, lush greenery.

Falling Edge Waterfall

A nearly 20-30 minute trek through the forest of Stony Hill will take you to this hidden gem, also known as Bowden Hills Falls. Although the trails are well marked, they do sometimes get a bit overgrown, so be sure to wear the appropriate hiking clothes and shoes! Once you arrive, you’ll quickly realize how worthwhile the hike was – they are stunning! The falls are located roughly three hours southeast of Montego Bay, two hours south of Ocho Rios, and roughly 30 minutes north of Jamaica’s capital, Kingston.

YS Falls

As one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions, YS Falls are truly majestic! The 7-tiered falls are located on the southern coast of the island, surrounded by lush gardens and a serene atmosphere. Several of the falls’ natural pools are perfect for swimming and floating around for a while – and don’t worry, there are always experienced lifeguards and guides around in the area, if needed!

Scatter Falls

Nestled in the small community of Berrydale, along the Rio Grande valley, Scatter Falls is a hidden gem of eastern Jamaica. Since the falls are located a bit more off the beaten path for typical visitors in Jamaica, a local guide will have to take you across the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft – such a cool experience! Once you get off the raft, it’s just a short hike to the dreamiest falls. Take a swim in one of the natural pools or explore the nearby Fox Caves!

Mayfield Falls

Consisting of nearly 20-tiers of cascading rock faces, Mayfield Falls make for the perfect day adventure, just over an hour southwest of Montego Bay and an hour northeast of Negril.

Think of these as a less crowded version of Dunn’s River Falls. Mayfield falls are all mostly small, calm rapids (depending on the amount of rainfall) that are fun to walk through with gorgeous, green scenery as your backdrop. These are definitely some of the most stunning waterfalls in Jamaica.

Blue Hole Falls

The Blue Hole Falls are a true hidden paradise in Jamaica. From the gorgeous, emerald water to the serene, tropical surroundings, this is one of our favorite falls on the island. The best part?

It’s only a 15-20 minute drive from the heart of Ocho Rios. The earlier in the day you go, the calmer it will be and less crowds you’ll run into!

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